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Dear Kit,

I fell in love with you, so I pray you don't leave my side. I say this because you are not with me now, and I miss you. I miss the sincere gaze I see when your eyes and mine meet. I miss the way you toss your hair as you turned in my direction.  I miss imagining a hidden smile as you walked ahead of me towards the ice cream shops. I miss the carefree laughs of summer and the warm hugs of winter. A busy life has stolen you away from my loving embrace.

But for now I will keep dreaming. I dreamt of chasing you through a frozen forest after a heated snowball fight in the yard.  As you ran away from me, I gave chase, but mid-run I tripped and fell into a frigid snow drift. You'd laugh at my expense, but amidst your laughter, snow from a branch came falling down on yiu. For a moment of disbelief the two of us just sat then broke into simultaneous chuckles at our blunders.  But oh the fun at the cost of a face full of snow. That's only one of many a fantasy as I lie in wait of ecstastitic dreams. I'll dream a little longer. For you.

Allegretto piu Grave.

P.S. I love you.
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October 2, 2013
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